Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight is a fast, cloud-powered BI service that makes it easy to build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis, and quickly get business insights from your data. Using the Amazon Web Service cloud-based service you can easily connect to your data, perform advanced analysis, and create stunning visualizations and rich dashboards that can be accessed from any browser or mobile device.

With QuickSight you pay only for what you use, it scales automatically no matter if you have 10 or 10 000 users and you have no servers to manage.

As Amazon QuickSight is part of the AWS eco-system you have many use cases beyond simple reporting:

  • Visualize IoT data
  • Visualize AI/Machine Learning predictions
  • Visuzlize real-time consolidated data collected from your mobile apps

But Amazon QuickSight is not only a modern BI product with blazing-fast performance. It is perfect for embedding in your web or mobile app application to quickly extend it with visual reports and dashboards capabilities.

Customer success story: A large utility company contacted us at Cloud Enablers and asked if we could help them predict the consumption of distance heating based on weather forecasts and also get the result presented in an easy to understand UI. We built a solution for them based on Amazon SageMaker and visualized the prediction in Amazon QuickSight.

Contact us at Cloud Enablers and we will support you with our BI, business metrics and architectural expertise to help you out to make full usage of the powerful Amazon QuickSight.